To help you with your fundraising activity, we have pulled together some information that you may find useful.

Below you will find:

  • An overview of what Forever Manchester supports
  • A short description of what Forever Manchester does
  • A link to our video
  • Links to download our logos.
  • Information regarding Paying in the money you have raised.


You might know everything about Forever Manchester and what we do, but trying to explain to others quickly can be quite a challenge in itself. So below you will find a general overview of what we do, together with some easy to remember facts and stats.

One of the biggest challenges is trying to explain what is meant by ‘community’. Often people have formed their own opinions of what a community is, so to make it really simple, the dictionary definition of community, and the one we use, is ‘a group of people who come together with a shared or common interest.’

That ‘common interest’ could be that they enjoy or are interested in the same thing, or it could be that they happen to live in the same place as someone else.

As Forever Manchester supports ‘community activity’ we can therefore extend the definition by saying that community activity is ‘a group of people who come together with a shared or common interest to do some form of activity together.’

Forever Manchester Descriptor for you to use.

Forever Manchester is the only charity that raises money to fund and support community activity across Greater Manchester. They believe that connected communities make stronger, happier communities, so love any activity that brings people together.

Forever Manchester is all about…

  • Putting smiles on the faces of our local communities, 
  • Supporting local people transforming the lives of others, 
  • Bringing local people together to create something special, 
  • Caring about those people who care enough to act,
  • Championing local people doing extraordinary things together.

Join the movement. Get involved.

Forever Manchester Video

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Download the Forever Manchester Logo

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Paying in the money you have raised

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If you have any questions regarding fundraising for Forever Manchester, please do not hesitate in contacting us at: