Forever Consulting adds value to the work of Forever Manchester, by providing professional research and consultancy services to any organisation looking to achieve positive social change.

We help organisations to develop an evidence base to support their project ideas, followed by business planning and financial and economic appraisals, funding strategy and also evaluation, to measure the social and economic impact of their work. The service is managed and delivered by Claire Lawless, an economist with 18 years of consultancy experience to organisations across the UK and Ireland.

Forever Consulting provides high quality advice and solutions offering greater value for money than traditional commercial consultancy practices. All surpluses generated by Forever Consulting are reinvested in Forever Manchester to support and fund community activity across Greater Manchester.

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Forever Consulting works with any organisation who wants to create positive social change. We help organisations to maximise their social impacts, to improve service delivery, to secure funding and to make great ideas happen. Our experienced and qualified consultants use robust analytical techniques to deliver practical advice and solutions, including:

  • Research and strategy: We provide bespoke research for organisations who want to know more about a specific local issue, their neighbourhoods, communities and service users. We explore existing literature, secondary data and primary research. We use evidence to help inform the strategic direction of organisations, aligning with local need and appropriate partners and funders.
  • Feasibility, appraisal and business cases: We help organisations to develop project ideas by identifying and testing feasible development options. This includes demand and market assessments, case studies, business planning and assessments of financial and economic viability, as well as implementation and governance issues. We support major projects through planning and implementation, by assembling design teams and securing capital funds.
  • Community engagement: We are well engaged with local communities having supported over 20,000 people from 7,000 community groups. We use our relationships to share ideas, build capacity and to understand local needs and issues. We can quickly mobilise community groups for research and consultation activity.
  • Funding: We invest over £1m per annum in diverse range of community activities including our own funds and those of other funders and philanthropic investors. Our dedicated Communities Team works with community groups to develop their ideas and to access funds to deliver them. Forever Consulting builds upon our existing work to help organisations identify alternative funding sources and revenue streams and assess their financial sustainability.
  • Performance management, benefit realisation and evaluation: We help organisations put systems in place to measure what they do, how well they do it and the impacts they have. This includes measuring and valuing the social and economic impact of projects, events and services, including Social Return on Investment (SROI) analysis. It helps organisations adapt and improve the quality or efficiency of what they do. It helps funders and commissioners understand the impact and value of work they are supporting.

Forever Consulting is the trading name of Forever Manchester Trading Limited, a trading subsidiary of the charity Forever Manchester.

For more information: contact Claire Lawless on 0161 214 0940 or at