Forever Manchester worked with UK Community Foundations to distribute funding raised by the National Emergencies Trust Coronavirus Appeal. This money was distributed to community organisations responding to the needs of local communities across Greater Manchester via our Community Support Fund.

One Vision Media have been providing services to support disadvantaged disabled people of all ages for 20 years with the aim of improving the general health & well-being of individuals through personal & social development activities.  

They care about supporting the development of skills, knowledge and experiences by identifying and utilising the unique talents of individuals to help in gaining employment, independence and supporting a better quality of life. The group work closely with the local authority and other organisations as well as maintaining excellent connections with many people who often just pop in for a ‘cuppa’.

As well as activities and training experiences covering a wide range of topics, One Vision Media also specialise in Performing Arts, Film, Music and Dance related activities to provide outlets for self-expression. These often provide a release from a range of difficulties including, confidence, isolation, anxiety and depression.

A majority of One Vision’s members have a learning disability or are on the Autistic spectrum, and for some this means even the smallest of changes can feel catastrophic. The impact of Covid-19 has therefore presented exceptional challenges for those concerned and impacted on families struggling to manage and deal with melt-downs, panic attacks, aggressive behaviours and depression.

As with many community based groups, the effects of Covid-19 have impacted on many of One Vision Media’s usual activities. In response, the group have been maintaining contact with 70 members and their families and assisting with shopping and the collection and delivery of prescriptions and medicines, as well as helping with general tasks such as lawn mowing, putting the bins out and posting letters.

By way of adding a touch of spice and extra support to their deliveries, they have put one of their assets to greater use by revamping their 16 seat minibus. They have adopted the view that if members are unable to attend and enjoy regular activities at their centre on Scott Lane, Wigan, then why not take the activities to the members to help break the monotony of lockdown and reduce pressures within home environments.

The ‘Friends’ minibus has been decorated, had seats removed and temporary furniture and equipment installed along with a loud speaker and sound system.

Whilst dropping off fact-sheets, important ‘How To’ information and ‘fun bus picnics’ to support people through the pandemic, One Vision Media are using the minibus to generate fun times with various activities including; distance games, quizzes and competitions, short shows, gigs and comedy slots. They are also using the minibus as a mobile library and DVD lending service as well as responding to several birthday visit requests too.

One Vision Media have always been passionate about connecting their local community together to create strong and meaningful links to allow an asset-based approach to thrive. They are extending their member support to the family and also to the wider communities where they live. They believe that better outcomes and a more sustainable impact can be achieved by combining skills and expertise through collaboration with those who have the same vision and drive.

An award from the Forever Manchester Community Support Fund is helping One Vision Media and their ‘Friends’ minibus carry out its innovative and fun-packed daily activities to help people with disabilities cope during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Date added: 11th June 2020
Last updated: 11th December 2020