Since August 2018, Forever Manchester’s Community Building Team has been working across Wythenshawe, Manchester. Our aim is to bring local people together to create something special and put smiles on the faces of people in the local community.

We are getting to know as many people as possible, finding out what they love about living in Benchill, and what they like to do in their community. We are discovering what interests and passions people have and are working closely with them to turn their great ideas into reality to help build a stronger community. The most important thing in building a stronger community is to involve the people that live there.

A key part of our approach is to identify, connect and showcase the great groups, organisations and physical spaces that already exist in Benchill. Connections form the heart of strong communities. By getting to know more people, groups and places in Benchill, we will help bring people together with similar interests and encourage them to share their skills and help each other. The more connections that are made, the more possibilities become available.

We will also encourage people to come together to create new community activities. Where funding is needed to help get these ideas off the ground, Forever Manchester will provide a hand up to support them.

Further support will be offered through our ‘Connecting Communities Workshops’ where we share our skills and experience to enable local people to continue to grow and connect with their community. Traditionally workshops and training can sometimes send people running to the hills. Ours are interesting, relevant, local and short.

Vikki Snowden, Forever Manchester’s Community Builder (pictured above) has been busy out and about in Benchill, starting conversations with people she bumps into at community groups, in the café’s, shops and on the streets. So, if you see Vikki say hi and tell her all about yourself and where you live. If you know any hidden gems in Benchill, or have a great idea for a community project in the area, get in touch. We can’t wait to find out more!

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At Forever Manchester we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to be happy. We care about those people who care enough to act.

About Benchill

Benchill is an area of Wythenshawe in Manchester, 8 miles (13 km) south of Manchester city centre. It has a 2,250 households and a population of 5,500 people. 60% of households have income of less than 20k, 35% earn below 15k. Over 65% of households are classed severely ‘financially vulnerable’.

Community Assets in Benchill include:

  • The people.
  • Tenants and Residents Association, Coffee mornings and Luncheon Clubs, Parents and toddler groups, Rainbows, Brownies and Guides, Boxing club, Gardening Groups, Arts and Craft Groups, Age Friendly Activities, Faith groups, Counselling groups.
  • Benchill Community Centre, Library, Benchill Medical Practice, Willow Park Enterprise Centre, Hollyhedge Park The Real Food Geodrome and Benchill Metrolink Station
  • And much more.

Benchill is in close proximity to:

  • Wythenshawe Hospital, Wythenshawe Park and Community Farm, close to M56 and M60 motorways and Manchester Airport.