Always ready with a smile, a welcoming and friendly demeanour and her trademark rainbow coloured sunglasses, Vikki Snowden is an integral part of our Community Building team here at Forever Manchester.

With a background in community youth work, Vikki has a wealth of experience of working in the fantastic communities of Greater Manchester and is a complete natural when it comes to getting to know people and encouraging residents to get involved in community activity.

No stone is unturned when Vikki is out and about in a community discovering what’s there. From green spaces to residents with previously undiscovered talents in crochet and dressmaking, Vikki is working hard to find out all about the great stuff that exists in Benchill, encouraging local people to share their skills with each other and to learn about all the hidden gems that exist on their very doorstep.

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If you’re interested in hearing more about our work in Benchill or how you can get involved, get in contact with Vikki at