Forever Manchester has recently started working in and around the Patricroft area of Eccles. Our Community Building team have been out and about meeting people who live there and finding out what happens in the area.

We’ll be trying to get to know as many people as possible, finding out what they love about where they live, what they like to do in their community, what they’d like to see more of and perhaps even what skills they have that they’d like to share with others.

We’ll also be hoping to get to know all the great community groups already running around the area and finding out about the buildings and spaces where they meet, as well as anything else that the community does or could get involved with.

As we get to know more people, groups and places in and about Patricroft, we will connect people with similar ideas together, encouraging new community projects and the sharing of skills, places and experiences that make people happy.

If you see Lisa Brown, our Community Builder who’ll be spending a lot of time in the area, say hi and tell her all about yourself and where you live. If you know any hidden gems in and around Patricroft and Eccles, or have a great idea for a community project in the area, get in touch. We can’t wait to find out more!