The most important thing in building a stronger, more connected community is to involve the people that live there. Individual neighbours and residents are the building blocks of a strong and healthy community, and it often comes as a surprise to discover just how much hidden talent lies within it.

Lisa Brown, Forever Manchester’s Community Builder, has been busy out and about in Patricroft starting conversations with the people she bumps in to at the groups she’s met, in the cafe’s and shops and out and about in the streets and green spaces. When we chat to local people our goal is to learn a bit about them, tell them a bit about Forever Manchester and ascertain the gifts and assets they might like to share with others. Every community member has unique skills and strengths, which, when shared with others, brings amazing benefits for all. The emphasis here is on finding ordinary local people, not just community leaders or professionals.

Here an example of some of the amazing people Lisa’s been chatting to out and about in Patricroft and the wealth of skills, gifts and talents they have to share:

The Maker of Things

Local resident Alfred and his wife Sue had been helping residents make a bench at the Incredible Edible Salford shed, and Lisa quickly discovered that Alfred was a man of many talents.

Much of Alfred’s ability stems from having a diverse background of skills and experience that he has brought together to solve design and construction problems. He works mostly in wood, metal, fabrics and reused scrap from his two small workshops.

Read this story about how we commissioned Alfred and Sue to make models of Houldsworth Mill for our Birthday Party.