Forever Manchester and Auto Trader have worked in happy harmony for the last 5 years and this year sees the 4th anniversary of the Auto Trader Community Fund providing support for a wide variety of community projects right across Greater Manchester.

Their dedicated fund means a team of staff meets on a regular basis to consider funding applications and enjoy the benefits of seeing those projects come to fruition – even visiting and volunteering with some of them and even making films of some of the projects to demonstrate to their colleagues some of the fantastic work going on out there in our communities.

The team at Auto Trader also regularly participates in Forever Manchester fundraising events with the last one being a spooky Hallowe’en Quiz during October Cheer Fest, our month of fundraising fun. We’ve also had the pleasure of having Trevor Mather, their former chief executive as the President of Forever Manchester for the last 2 years.

Forever Manchester has also been delighted to ask friends at Auto Trader to speak at Forever Manchester events.

Additionally Auto Trader sponsors the unique Captain Manchester Award at Forever Manchester Birthday Party each year and also the eagerly awaited 7-a-side football tournament where they are keen to take back the trophy! We were also delighted that they won Business Supporter of the Year at this year’s Forever Manchester Annual Birthday Party.

And the most unique way of supporting Forever Manchester in 2019 was to provide a fabulous Forever Manchester camper van to enable our Community Builders to work effectively and engagingly in our communities of Ardwick and Wythenshawe. It’s a beaut!

Thanks Auto Trader for everything – which you do with a fantastic attitude and friendliness.

Date added: 30th April 2020
Last updated: 1st December 2020