Salford Heart Care exists to improve the health and wellbeing of older people in Salford through peer-to-peer support.

For the past 35 years, they have been running activities designed to prevent heart disease and heart attacks as well as providing after-care and support for people (and carers) with heart conditions and long-term illnesses, helping them reduce the risk of further heart attacks.

Most of their 400 members are aged 70+ living with long term illnesses such as a heart problems, diabetes, COPD and arthritis.

Salford Heart Care relies on one part-time member of staff supported by a dedicated team of 50+ local volunteers, many whom had suffered from a heart attack themselves.

Their “Healthy Heart Clubs” are aimed at those wanting to become more physically active, manage their weight, or develop greater confidence in their mobility.

These sessions provide opportunities for people to join in and enjoy a range of activities at their own pace. These include gentle exercise, dancing, holistic therapies, relaxation classes, counselling, weight management advice, arts and crafts activities.

Salford Heart Care also provide emotional support, stress management sessions and group relaxation to help those who have suffered a heart attack to come to terms with a whole new way of life.

It is always worth remembering that, if you support Forever Manchester, you support all this.

The ability of local community groups and organisations to best help people in their community remains dependant on maintaining support for them.

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Date added: 20th December 2022