Paul is originally from Nottingham but adopted Manchester as his home after moving to the city for the night life in 1990 and now resides in Sale.

He started his media career with the Guardian Media Group in 1999 and is now Co-Director of GM Business Connect Magazine, a publication which supports Forever Manchester and connects and creates awareness to the business community across Greater Manchester.

Paul is also Membership & Development Manager for Altrincham & Sale Chamber of Commerce, which is an added value spreading the word of CSR.

“Being in my position of meeting many people in business I like to ask the question:  Can you or your business, practice Corporate Social Responsibility? I can show you a way  where you can make a difference!”

Paul, along with business partner Jon Cheetham, has raised funds for the charity at the annual Business Connectworking Lunch at Hotel Football together with PA Sarah Ainsworth & Innov8 Conference Services.

“I love Manchester for the friendly people that live here. It’s a vibrant happening city and I want to make a difference for the good, by being a part of it!”