Nic is Manc born and bred living in Manchester for all of his years, bar a 12 month stint in Chester for College.

When most boys fancied driving trains, Nic wanted to be a lawyer. After attending Manchester University his entire career has been based around Greater Manchester. In 2012, drawing influence from Manchester’s revolutionary history, he set up Punk Legal to offer a different way of delivering legal services.

He has been involved with Forever Manchester since 2015 and has also recruited his wife and kids into the fold.

Nic added: “I have raised money for Forever Manchester running the Manchester 10k and recently the Manchester Marathon!”

Regarding his love of Manchester, Nic speaks with great passion: “It’s Manchester, innit?  What’s not to like? Always buzzing.  It’s the cultural capital of the universe.  Music, football, bars, rain, radicalism.”