Congratulations to James Torry who won the Captain Manchester Award sponsored by Auto Trader at our annual Birthday Party on Friday 9th February.

The Captain Manchester award is in recognition of an individual with true Mancunian spirit. This person has given their time, money, skills or resources to support communities of Greater Manchester; has gone the extra mile and embodies the spirit of Forever Manchester. The award was presented by Christos Tsaprounis of Auto Trader.

James Torry from Doodledoo Motion is the man behind the This Is the Place book, a truly unique creative project. Following the Manchester attack on Monday 22nd May 2017, Tony Walsh read the ‘This Is the Place’ poem at the vigil that gave language to our city in a moment when it wasn’t sure what to feel. The poem, which was originally written for Forever Manchester, has quickly become an iconic piece of literature and spread cross the globe as a symbol of defiance, unity and love.

Over 60 creatives from Manchester, including Peter Saville and Malcolm Garret, collaborated with Tony Walsh to turn his ‘This Is the Place’ poem into a book, which marks a tragic moment in time but looks forward with hope for our city, both in content and by supporting three specific charitable funds.

Congratulations James Torry!