Over 60 creatives from Manchester, including Peter Saville and Malcolm Garret, are collaborating with Tony Walsh to turn his ‘This is The Place’ poem into a book. The book, which will be released on 22nd September 2017, is now available to pre-order on amazon for £30.

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Following the Manchester attack on Monday 22 May 2017, Tony Walsh read the ‘This is The Place’ poem at the vigil that gave language to our city in a moment when it wasn’t sure what to feel. The poem, which was originally written for Forever Manchester, has quickly become an iconic piece of literature and spread cross the globe as a symbol of defiance, unity and love.

The book will be an 88-page hardback coffee table book that marks a tragic moment in time but looks forward with hope for our city, both in content and by supporting three specific charitable funds.

The creatives will take a line or phrase from the poem and responding to create a page which will be compiled, along with forewords from Tony Walsh and Andy Burnham, acknowledgements of supporters and content to honour those who lost their lives in the attack.

The proceeds from the book will be split equally across the following three charities:

  • Forever Manchester (charity registration number 1017504)
  • We Love MCR Emergency Fund (awaiting charity commission registration number; id number 510358)
  • The Greater Manchester Mayors Homelessness Fund (awaiting charity commission registration, money collected by Crisis UK 1082947).

Forever Manchester will receive all funds and distribute evenly between all three charities.

The money raised from the book will help fund brighter futures for young people, the homeless community of Greater Manchester and strengthen communities and enrich local life by inspiring local people to do extraordinary things together.