Buy a ticket for Manchester’s Wellness Festival and £5 from each purchase will go to Forever Manchester to help fund and support community activity.

Float Festival, to be held on the weekend of 22nd September, was created to help the people of Manchester connect to what makes them feel “well”. As opposed to following the crowd – donning lycra and drinking green juices – our festival is providing options for people to suss out what makes them feel great as an individual. That could be yoga or dance or getting creative or meditation or getting inspired by thought provoking talks.

The organiser of the festival is Forever Manchester Ambassador, Laura Bamber, who told us:  “My reason for wanting to work specifically with Forever Manchester is that I hugely believe in the power of sport and other community activities in boosting the health and happiness of our population. Connection and community is part of the Float ethos and therefore aligns so perfectly with Forever Manchester.”

“You can enjoy food, drink, music, chill zones, workshops, talks, movement classes, mindfulness, amazing independent pop-up shops, free life coaching sessions, free reflexology, free massages, free modern meditation, free outdoor yoga, pop-up performances, flash mob volleyball, photography exhibitions and to top it all off we’ve got glitter!”

She added: “£5 from every ticket sale will go to Forever Manchester to support funding for some of the community projects which we know will have a significant positive impact on the mental health of the people of Manchester through bringing them together.”