Cascade Baby Bundles supports families in need across Greater Manchester by distributing new and pre-loved clothing and essential items for new-born babies and children up to the age of ten.

Providing Greater Manchester families with support for over a decade, their ‘Baby Bundle’ gifts contain items of clothing, toys and essentials – including formula milk, that help cushion the financial impact of a child on a family experiencing hardship. They take in donations of new and pre-loved baby and children’s clothing and equipment, and fundraise for items that cannot be given second-hand such as underwear, toiletries and mattresses.

Professionals working directly with disadvantaged families (such as social workers, midwives and health visitors) refer people directly to the service and collect baby bundles from the baby bank to distribute to the families they are working with. Without this service, many families in need would be otherwise unable to afford these essentials.

With a team of volunteers working hard behind the scenes to clean, repair and sort public donations, the service also presents the opportunity for its volunteers to socialise and feel as if they are making a positive different to people’s lives.

As a result of the vital work they do, and the high demand for it, Cascade Baby Bundles has developed into an official charity in recent months. They have been taken under the wing of Home-Start HOST and rebranded to Cascade Family Essentials. Local charity Home-Start HOST support parents when they need it most, so they can give their children the best start in life.

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Date added: 3rd November 2023