Organic Soul: a lifeline for all

In the bustling heart of our community, a group called Organic Soul thrives. A beacon of compassion and resilience. Their journey commenced with a resolute purpose: to harness their skills and bridge the gap for those facing food poverty.

Founded by passionate souls in 2017, Organic Soul emerged from a shared vision. Inspired by the harmony of natural living, they set out to create something extraordinary. To create a space where everyone is welcome, and no one is left behind. They value pure intentions and providing a hand up to those in need.

Organic Soul’s impact reverberates far beyond its name. They support the homeless with hot meals, clothing, and sleeping bags – more than sustenance, it’s a lifeline. But their reach extends further. During periods of hardship, families receive weekly food hampers to help when people may need to choose between heating their home and feeding their family. Refugees and asylum seekers also find solace at Organic Soul. While they may grapple with isolation and uncertainty, they receive not only nourishment but also a sense of belonging.

Collaboration is what fuels Organic Soul’s mission. They work closely with local organisations, like the Bury Support Network. Together, they share information and hold vital meetings in order to tackle food poverty. In Manchester, where many families seek a helping hand, Organic Soul stands strong. They not only support homeless people and refugees, but the wider community; through food banks and activities to take part in.

How you help

This is why donations and acts of kindness are so important. It’s as simple as attending a comedy night or maybe purchasing a tombola ticket. But, you help to sustain a network of communities with unique backgrounds and vibrant stories.

And, these simple acts that support groups like Organic Soul, to keep supporting people like you.

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Date added: 15th May 2024