Connections form the heart of strong communities. Once we’ve discovered some of the great things and great people in a community, we then connect them together to help create a positive and thriving community and to make amazing things happen.

We use shared interests to make as many connections as possible between individuals, professionals, groups and organisations. The more connections we make, the more possibilities become available.

Connecting the great things and people in our communities is not only central to our work – it’s also the fun part. Different ways we bring people together include:

  • Inviting people with shared interests to enjoy a coffee and a chat somewhere local. These get-togethers always generate lively conversation, and they often produce great project ideas too.
  • Using community fun days and big clean ups to bring groups and individuals together and get them talking and sharing ideas.
  • Inviting an individual we’ve met to attend a group we’ve discovered that they might be interested in joining.

Some of the ways Lisa has been connecting the community include: