A key principle of our approach in communities is that the great groups, organisations and physical spaces that already exist there are identified, showcased and connected.

By exploring these existing resources, we can uncovers hidden gems which can then be connected to create extraordinary outcomes. It’s about noticing, listing and telling others about anything that might help to connect people and encourage them to use, develop and share their skills. Finding the fantastic assets that make up a community is a fundamental part of our work.

Lisa has been busy out and about in Patricroft working hard to discover all the hidden gems and wonderful things that already exist within the community. Here are some examples of what we have been finding in Patricroft.


Existing groups

Small, informal groups are often formed around a shared passion for something such as books, sport, gardening, etc., and are often organised by volunteers. They are extremely valuable in any community because they are a ready-made and motivated pool of knowledge and connections.


Organisations such as schools, hospitals, local authorities, job centres, charities and emergency services can be a great source of untapped resources when working in the community. They are also a great wealth of connections and information about existing groups and residents that are active in the community.

Buildings and green spaces

Buildings, green spaces, tools and transportation are all really important when building a stronger, more connected community. Taking account of the physical assets in a community is like doing a stocktake. Buildings are usually the most valuable of community assets, but transportation and open spaces can also be put to good use.