Wonderfully Made Woman, based in Miles Platting in Manchester, provides invaluable support to women in the area to increase and improve their self-esteem and confidence.

Wonderfully Made Woman believes in empowering women and helping them through issues they’ve faced, such as domestic violence.

Most programmes that the organisation carries out are for women who have been victims of domestic abuse. According to the organisation, many of these women have left their countries and miss their homes. Wonderfully Made Woman wanted to do something to make them happy, help them to come out of isolation and make them smile. They have found that dance helps women to find their balance, and remind them of their femininity and give them a chance to embrace it.

Wonderfully Made Woman helps women to break barriers and takes them out of isolation through a huge variety of means from drop-in dance sessions to arts and crafts sessions. These sessions have been found to help individuals to lead a healthy and active life, just by putting a smile on their faces and helping them to meet new friends.

One attendee said: “From my personal experience I have used dance as a means of reducing stress. Dance is therapeutic and it makes you feel good about yourself. Anytime I am unhappy I play music and, before I know it, I am happy again.”

See the women in action below:

Women feeling valued is the most important thing to Wonderfully Made Woman and the group’s sessions give local women something to look forward to and a place where they feel comfortable, confident and completely themselves. The huge variety of activities the group offers also provides women with invaluable skills, such as increasing confidence in the workplace or in interviews and creating new skills with their arts and crafts sessions.

As well as activities and fun sessions, the group understands the seriousness of what women who attend the group have been through and are aiming to offer professional counselling to them.