Wigan Family and Local History Society give people an opportunity to learn more about their local history as well as helping them to research their own family history across many generations.

Help from the group can range from sitting down with an individual at a computer or a microfilm station, or using the numerous records on hand that are used in genealogy. They also offer advice to people on how to begin their family tree by using the various questionnaires and charts devised to make the subject matter as easy as possible.

Wigan Family and Local History Society has links with local heritage sites such as the Museum of Wigan Life to promote their society and gain new information. They also invite a variety of speakers to speak with the local community to teach them more about local history.

In addition to helping people in the local area, they also have members throughout the country who have family links to Wigan. One such member is Mr. Costello who lives in Kent. When he was researching his family tree he found that he had descendants in the Wigan area that he wanted to know more about. His ancestors had emigrated from Ireland to Wigan at the end of the 19th century. The group was able to help him track down his relatives and, as a result, he was able to meet up with his second cousin at one of their events.

Wigan Family and Local History Society has shown Mr. Costello how to research using the Ancestry website and the other resources on the internet. Members of the group have undertaken research for Mr. Costello as well as teaching him how to access microfiche and microfilm records at Wigan Museum of Life.

The group extends a warm welcome to any member, especially those travelling distances, to see them. They always offer Mr. Costello a lift to the meetings from his hotel and back again when he is up visiting, they offer advice, and they check to see if he needs transport to any places around Wigan areas that he’s not familiar with. Mr. Costello commends the work of the group, saying that their gracious hospitality and support leads him to believe that the society’s work is an extremely welcome addition to Wigan’s attractiveness as a cultural hub for residents and visitors alike.