Manchester Photography Collective is a local community group newly funded through our ‘For Great Stuff’ award that focuses on the use of creativity and photography to foster strong connections between people.

With 200 members and counting, the group focuses not only on introducing people to photography, but on promoting a strong community and support network for those involved. Originally part of another community group with over 70 members, they decided to branch out to focus solely on photography, creating a space open to people of all genders.

As part of our work within the community, groups can access free spaces within the city center, helping to combat loneliness and provide a base for groups who may otherwise be without a meeting space. With the Village Hall, the Great Northern Warehouse, and more; these spaces support those within the city center to stay engaged in their community.

This is a fundamental part of our approach when working in communities. We work to identify, connect and highlight the people, community groups, organisations and physical spaces that already exist in the area. To read more on our approach to working alongside communities, click here.

The Manchester Photography Collective makes use of the space in the Village Hall on Deansgate, where they host regular photo walk meetups and workshops.

As part of their work and with support from Forever Manchester, the Collective have launched an exhibition called ‘Manc Unity’, taking place at the Great Northern Warehouse.

The group were asked to describe the purpose of their exhibition:

“‘Manc Unity’ is more than an exhibition, it is a call to action and an exploration of the common threads that bind us all, an affirmation that our collective strength lies in embracing and celebrating our differences. This will become a space for renewed sense of connection and commitment to fostering unity in our beautiful city.”

The exhibition is currently on until May at the Great Northern Warehouse, so visit if you’re nearby!

Check them out on Instagram to find updates about their upcoming photowalks and how to get involved! @mpcollective24

“We are brought together by our belief in a community that goes beyond simple proximity. It’s a deep-seated understanding that we are stronger, more fulfilled, and ultimately happier when we connect and support one another. It’s knowing you’re not alone in your joys and struggles, and that a network of support exists to celebrate your victories and uplift you in times of need. It’s about belonging, contributing, and growing together, creating something larger than the sum of our individual parts. It’s a powerful force that can build bridges, spark change, and ultimately, make the world a better place.” – Manchester Photography Collective