Forever Manchester would like to say a big thank you to the team over at The Printworks for raising £1,359 from their ‘Adopt a Bee’ campaign.

As you may or may not know, the roof of The Printworks is home to four hives of bees – which is around 60,000 individual insects! The roof is also an oasis for 20 species of fruit and vegetables, creepy crawlies and other fauna. Over the past three years it has grown everything from lettuce to strawberries, beetroot to potatoes, and mint to radishes, and even boasts a beetle hotel.

In November 2017 the public was given the chance to adopt a bee and give it a name with a special notice going on the wall at The Printworks. The response was fantastic and showed how much this insect means to the people of Greater Manchester. “The bee is an iconic symbol in Manchester, so we wanted to give people the chance of owning their own whilst raising money for some special causes,” said The Printworks’ Director Fred Booth.

Thanks again to the team at The Printworks, we’re BUZZIN’!