Yep, the guys at Convergys – Atlantic Point were at it again last Friday, offering their teams the opportunity to shove a pie in their manager’s face. Who wouldn’t want to do that?

It’s just another brilliant example of how creative the Convergys guys are when it comes to raising money to help local community projects.

Projects like the Sedgemoor Secret Flower and Bird Garden, a group of neighbours who have developed a bird sanctuary and flower garden, with flowers specially planted to attract bees. The garden is designed so that local people with limited mobility can get involved, get out of their houses and make new friends as well as brightening up their neighbourhood. Or Wigan Ladies Football Club which has 10 teams of girls of different ages and encourages physical fitness as well as promoting a healthy diet to girls of all ages. As well as coaching the young girls, the club gives parents the chance to further their own careers by offering them coaching courses, including first aid, child protection, groundskeeping, refereeing and child welfare.

So as well as having a bit of fun during the working day, Convergys raised an amazing £300 to help projects just like those mentioned above and are making a real difference in their local communities.

As ever, thanks a million guys and we can’t wait to see what you come up with next!