Forever Manchester business supporter, Refinery Marketing Communications, based in Ardwick, utilised their creativity to come up with some great ideas for fundraising for Forever Manchester during Forever Manchester Week.

A particular favourite was “Spin the Wheel”. A £1 donation meant that either a forfeit or a prize was the result of the spin. Forfeits such as “polish your boss’ shoes” and “bring cakes in for your floor” and “be the Agency brew bitch for the day” and a particular favourite “do a speech at the next meeting about pigs!” The prizes included “a day off” and “£10 Arndale voucher” both of which proved popular with Refinery staff.

Another popular element to the fundraising lunch was the fabulous food provided by The Allotment Vegan Restaurant, based in Stockport. The team from The Allotment came along to the event and donated the fascinating food that proved the most popular part of the event.

Other popular elements of the event included the Manchester Bee Wall where everyone could design and draw their very own Manchester bee.  Refinery also included their very own pop up clothes shop Ardwick Apparel and the staff had been busy baking creative and cute cupcakes.

Forever Manchester says a BIG thank you to all the team at Refinery for their effort, creativity and fabulous fundraising – raising a toothsome £267.