Established in 2000, Monton Voices Community Choir is a friendly and enthusiastic choir that brings together local people in Salford with a shared passion for music and singing.

The choir, which is made up of over 40 singers from a wide range of ages and backgrounds, meet up every week and members benefit from the social interaction it brings. Friendships have been formed, and support for the choir continues to flourish.

Joanne joined the choir in 2015 and explains how it’s the best thing she could have done. “Before I joined I had very little social life and my confidence was quite low. The choir welcomed me whole-heartedly. They are friendly, supportive and fun, and have become a big part of my life. I now have the confidence to sing in front of people, to go out socially with my friends in the choir, and have even got up the confidence to start my own business.”

Singing a variety of music, ranging from classical pieces through to pop, the choir has built a successful reputation in the local area. They have forged many links and connections with local schools, colleges and churches, performing with the children of St Charles’ RC Primary School, The Arden Theatre Choir, Irlam Male Choir, and Boothstown Brass Band at various venues in and around Monton and Eccles.

“Monton Voices Community Choir has always been a favourite for me for two main reasons…maybe three,” explains Rev Cyprian Yobera form Eccles Parish Church. “Firstly, when they sing there is an infectious enthusiasm among them. They could be singing the simplest or most musically complicated piece…but always look happy to be there.

“Secondly, it is clear that they are a welcoming group…a real mix of ages and abilities, yet everyone, so it seems, is given a chance even at special parts of the music. And finally, they are a true community choir and are involved in small and big events alike and they always use their concerts to support charitable causes in the community.”