This week’s Forever Manchester ‘Birthday Special’ Podcast contains everything you need to know and more about our Birthday Party on 9th February at the Principal Manchester.

The Friday 2nd February 2018 episode brings you all you need to know about our Birthday Party including:

  • Reference to Sesame Street!
  • Whether our glasses will be half full or half empty
  • Chatter about the venue, tickets and how many guests will be attending
  • Captain Manchester photo bombin’ and his Magical Tombola
  • A huge big fat thank you to all the sponsors who have helped make this event possible
  • A special mention of the community groups who are performing on the night
  • We talk about Alfred Chow… The Maker of Things
  • And we despair with Terry Snowden… The Breaker of Things
  • We give a run-down of all the awards and the shortlists
  • And we get incredibly giddy as the party gets ever closer

Hosted as ever by Terry Snowden and Jen Edmondson.

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