As #ForeverFunny18 approaches, Forever Manchester’s very own Claire Lawless is nearing the end of her comedy training as she prepares to take on a unique comedy challenge.

You can have a listen to our new ‘Let’s all laugh with Claire’ podcast series to see how she is getting on with this training.

The 1st episode of the ‘Let’s all laugh with Claire’ series involved Claire chatting with her colleague Rosie and finds out that she will be performing at Forever Manchester’s Forever Funny Comedy night at the Frog on Wednesday 9th May.

Part 2 follows Claire’s attendance at a comedy workshop at the Frog and Bucket Comedy Club where Claire tries to find her unique selling point as a comedian and comes up with an unusual solution. She then analyses her first performance at the comedy school and gets feedback from Rosie.

The 3rd and final episode sees Claire exploring ways to calm her nerves as she prepares for her big night.

You can support Claire and raise money for Forever Manchester by sponsoring her on her Just Giving page by clicking on the button below. She has a fundraising target of £2,500.

Listen to the Podcasts here:



About Claire:

Claire manages Forever Consultancy, providing professional research and consultancy services to any organisation looking to achieve positive social change. Forever Consulting provides high quality advice and solutions offering greater value for money than traditional commercial consultancy practices. All surpluses generated by Forever Consulting are reinvested in Forever Manchester to support and fund community activity across Greater Manchester.