We work with our local communities to inspire and encourage projects that they want to see. To make their neighbourhoods happier, healthier, and safer places to be. We help local people to build communities from the inside out, to allow Greater Mancunians to emerge and shine.

When Katarzyna came to the UK, she noticed the need for the Polish community to connect. The Together Family Centre began as a junior football club, which helped to do just that, and eased the isolation and loneliness of her community.

This football group proved to be helpful for the community. But with Katarzyna’s education in psychology, she noticed the need for psychological support and speech and language therapies for both children and adults. With this, the Together Family Centre as it is now known and loved, was created. They now not only support the Polish community, but also the local community, bringing people together and creating a network of support for those who need it.

Not only creating English lessons for adults and Polish lessons for children, Katarzyna and the Together Family Centre offer a range of services to aid and empower their community. The Together Family Centre provides a welcoming space for people to connect, celebrate cultural traditions, and access vital resources. They were last funded in 2020 as part of the Community Support Fund.

Listen to the podcast episode from Forever Manchester’s podcast, to hear what Katarzyna Pryzbylska has to say about what Together Family Centre does. And learn about the experiences of Polish families living in Greater Manchester.

Check them out here: The Together Family Centre.