Inspire Middleton aims to inspire, support and help individuals to achieve their potential and become active in their community.

Inspire Middleton is a not-for-profit organisation which helps the Middleton community in a variety of ways. Two of their most successful and helpful projects are the foodbank and The Lighthouse Project.

The foodbank has helped to feed approximately 1,400 people annually but, as well as this, the group’s most important role is to provide local residents with a listening ear. Trained staff work with the foodbank’s beneficiaries to signpost them to any other services they may require as well as offering them a drink, a hot snack and somebody to confide in.

The Lighthouse Project hosts various activities to aid employment and skills, social interests, mental health, general wellbeing and improve general family life. The project is open five days a week and helps local residents with training in computing, cookery, arts and crafts, and more. The project also helps people struggling with homelessness and puts them in touch with people who can help them get back on the right path.

As well as supporting those who attend The Lighthouse Project, the volunteers also get great value from it too. One such volunteer is Liz, and this is her story…

“When I first started volunteering at The Lighthouse Project, I had been out of work for five years. I felt I wanted to get back into work but was nervous and lacking in confidence. I thought that volunteering was a good way of developing my skills, getting experience of the working environment and giving me the confidence I needed to return to work.

“During my time as a volunteer I have enhanced my own skills by guiding people with computer skills such as job hunting, writing CVs and sending emails. I have also worked on reception which has been an important experience as this is the type of work I have been looking for. I have felt very much part of a team, working alongside the other members of staff.

“My time at The Lighthouse Project has been invaluable, my self-esteem has greatly increased and I have enjoyed meeting a wide variety of new people. Whilst giving something back to the community, I have taken the first steps to returning to paid employment and, following a successful job interview, I am looking forward to starting my new receptionist job at a children’s centre.

I will be very sorry to leave The Lighthouse Project as it is a very warm, welcoming and supportive place. I cannot thank the staff and team there enough for the help, support and confidence I have been given.”