Forward Role is getting muddy for Forever Manchester to help us fund and support community activity across Greater Manchester.

The event, taking place on the 9th September, is a muddy 10 mile run with over 20 obstacles. We’d like to thank the following people at Forward Role who have decided to take this on for us:

Sophie Page, Brian Johnson, Dan Middlebrook, Guy Walker, Matt Darwell, Hannah Pickford, Rachel Davies, Helen Colley, Becky Smith, Will Velios, Rachel Wheeler, Josh Pepper, Nathan Young

Sophie Page from Forward Role said: “This week we have utilised the city and ran a training session on a very pleasant evening at Castlefield Bowl. Everyone was put through their paces with burpees, sprints, skipping, squats and lots more!”

Sophie added: “Unfortunately we were shown up by some people who were showing off their “parkour” skills, so we had a play around with handstands and cartwheels at the end too.”


A massive thank you to all those who are going the extra mile for Forever Manchester and helping us to fund and support community activity across Greater Manchester.

Do you feel inspired to push yourself to the limit and step outside your comfort zone? If so, please see below and download our brand new fundraising guide.