Forever Manchester Week saw a number of exciting and fun fundraising ideas carried out by our supporters. However, the winners of the “Most Innovative Fundraiser” award went to Dinosaur!

The Dinosaur team let their imaginations run wild with an exhibition of different creative projects all inspired by Greater Manchester. On the day entries were judged by Forever Manchester staff and Captain Manchester and it was tough to call. The winner in the end was the poem below, written by Josh and using only titles of famous songs by Manchester bands. The playlist was made on Spotify to show the poem.

The judging team was bowled over by the thought and time that must have gone into the project and the innovative use of different platforms and media! As well as the picture, Josh has also kindly given us the link to the playlist so you can go and listen here.

The team are planning to raffle or auction some of the work to raise even more money, so watch this space for more information.

Thanks again from all of us here at FM HQ!