The Forever Manchester Shop offers a range of gifts and exclusive collections from well-known artists and makers in Manchester.

As a charity, Forever Manchester has always stood by the ethos that “connected communities make stronger, happier communities”, so we love any activity that brings people together. That includes bringing together established creators to offer people of Manchester the best selection of gifts made by artists who have their own stories of the city and wider boroughs.


The exclusive collections by third-party creators have seen such huge success, for the artists and for Forever Manchester, which is why we are now extending our commission-based model and inviting more makers to be part of the Forever Manchester Makers.

By becoming a Forever Manchester Maker, you’ll have your work promoted to the 34,000 followers across our social media platforms, as well as over 5000 members of our monthly newsletter. But most importantly, your work will go towards supporting communities across Greater Manchester.

What Are We Looking For?

We’re looking to expand our range and would love any of the following:

  • Clothing
  • Food and Drink (non-alcoholic)
  • Homeware
  • Prints / Wall Hangings

Whether it’s Greater Manchester themed, or you’re Greater Manchester based, as long as it’s original and belongs to you, we’d love to hear about it!

A Few Things To Know as a Forever Manchester Maker

  • Promotion. Forever Manchester support the sale of creators’ products through online promotion, advertising, emails and social media.
  • Minimum Term. Forever Manchester ask creators to trade for a minimum term of three calendar months.
  • Termination. Creators may cease trading after the minimum term by giving one weeks’ notice in writing. Forever Manchester can terminate the trading agreement at any time with one one month’s written notice.
  • Service Charge. 35% commission is applied to all sales of trader stock, Forever Manchester will collect the commission due before paying trader takings.
  • Trader Payments. Forever Manchester will pay creators’ monthly takings by bank transfer or Paypal, the following month. Forever Manchester will send sales inventories for each month via email.
  • Trader Profile. Forever Manchester ask creators to provide an artist profile. Please see our current Artist pages for examples.
  • Stock. Creators must provide their retail price, product descriptions and images for us to use. Description may be edited if necessary.
  • Orders. Creator’s orders received on the Forever Manchester Shop will be sent via email to the creator.
  • Fulfilment. Forever Manchester ask creators to carry out fulfilment of their products. All sales from the Forever Manchester Shop should include a “Thank you for purchasing” card.
  • Pop-up Shop. On occasion, Forever Manchester may have a pop-up shop where creators have the opportunity to have their stock on display.
  • Copyright. All creators are responsible for obtaining all relevant copyright and permissions for any items being sold and Forever Manchester is not liable for any infringement.
This list is not exhaustive and more detail is provided in the Forever Manchester Shop Trader Terms and Conditions which is to be sent to agree to be part of the Forever Manchester Makers.

Current Forever Manchester Makers

  • Amy Coney
  • Dave Draws
  • Jasmine Issaka
  • Name-Chains
  • Sketchbook Design
  • SL Scott
  • Si Scott
  • Stan Chow
  • This Charming Manc
  • Tinned Snail
  • The Letter Arty
  • Tony Husband
  • Trevor Johnson

For Further Information, Please Contact:

Forever Manchester
1st Floor, Phoenix House, 45 Cross Street, Manchester M24 JF
0161 214 0940

Dated added: 13th October 2020

Date updated: 7th May 2021