We’re not talking about the song! We’re talking about our friends and long-time supporters in Northenden – Express Solicitors.

Express Solicitors first started supporting us in April 2014 and during that time they’ve baked cakes, thrown themselves out of aeroplanes, dressed up and held garden parties, as well as sponsoring our Birthday Party and donating generous amounts of money to allow us to support our local communities. They have raised an amazing £50,000 during that time! When you think that £5 enables a person suffering with dementia to attend a community-based support group every week for a whole year, giving them much needed enrichment and connections and also allowing their carer some much needed rest, then the impact Express Solicitors have made on their local community is massive.

Now a team from Express Solicitors is pioneering a brand new initiative – they are volunteering as Community Reporters! Forever Manchester funds thousands of community projects across the ten boroughs of Greater Manchester and there are some amazing people and stories behind them. We just can’t get round them all so the guys from Express are going to help us out. They are going to interview some of the people involved and write stories that we can then pass on to our supporters so we can tell everybody about the great work their support allows us to do. As part of this brand new initiative Express Solicitors are also sponsoring the Community Pages on our website so the thousands of people who visit our site will see clearly the support Express are giving us.

Carole Jones, a Partner at Express Solicitors, said: “At Express Solicitors we strongly believe that businesses have a responsibility towards their local communities and that is why we support Forever Manchester. Not only can we support them financially but we can also get our employees engaged in actively going out to see exactly where our financial support goes and the positive impact it’s making. We’re looking forward to this pilot and the stories that come out from it.”

Ged Murray from Forever Manchester said: “Carole and the guys at Express are an ideal supporter for us; they help us financially, their staff get involved in some brilliant fundraising events and they get directly involved in helping out with community projects. These three pillars of philanthropic activity ensure a sustainable and meaningful contribution to the wellbeing of our local communities. We really enjoy our working relationship with Express Solicitors and hope that we continue to move forward together.”

At the risk of being cheesy, we’d like to Express our gratitude!