They’ve done it again! Our friends at Express Solicitors, based in Northenden, threw themselves out of an aeroplane on Saturday 17th September to raise even more money for local communities.



On a crisp September morning they travelled up to Preston and 14 brave volunteers sky dived in support of Forever Manchester to raise an amazing £1,600.

The Express team have supported us for over two years and during that time have raised nearly £30,000 to help our local communities. We are constantly surprised by the innovative ways they come up with to both raise money and engage with their employees – from garden parties to cake baking to fancy dress and running the Manchester 10k – you name it, they’ve done it!

We’re pleased to say that they are also headline sponsors for our Birthday Party, to be held at the Palace Hotel in February next year.

A massive thank you from the Forever Manchester team and we look forward to your next adventure!