In these tough times its brilliant to get some good news and a generous offer in the form of a new business supporter. We’d like to say a big Forever Manchester welcome to Creditsafe UK.

Creditsafe UK are global business intelligence experts, who specialise in business credit checking and all round B2B solutions. As the world’s most used provider of online business credit reports, they’ve changed the way business information is used worldwide through their passion and drive to deliver superior business data.

They opened their Manchester office in October 2020 and wanted to give back straight away.

Business Development Manager, Alexander Bell, said “We wanted to support a local charity who do a lot for the community and that is what we found in Forever Manchester, with the tremendous work they do for the community we simply couldn’t refuse the opportunity to help support such a fantastic organisation.”

Not only have Creditsafe UK help support communities across Greater Manchester they’ve also got a free trial offer for the Forever Manchester Business Community. We’ll let the guys describe the offer:

“Creditsafe UK would like to offer all members of Forever Manchester and subscribers of the monthly newsletter a free trial. Take advantage of our services such as our monitoring tool, which allows you to see any changes to your customers and suppliers that could pose potential risks or opportunities for your company. “

“You can identify these changes in real time without the need to manually check their company report, this will allow you to act when it matters most. Simply add them to Monitoring and if there are any changes to the company, you will receive an email notification.”

Use the link below to set up your free trial. or email

Massive thanks and welcome to the whole team!

Date added: 7th April 2020