We’d like to thank Cloud 23 for their first donation of £2,000 to help support community activity across Greater Manchester.

Located on the 23rd floor of the Beetham Tower, Cloud 23 is Hilton hotel’s premium champagne and cocktail bar. To celebrate the collective spirit of Mancunian endeavor and community, they have created the ‘Spirit of Manchester’ cocktail and with every cocktail purchased, a £1 donation is made to Forever Manchester.

Consisting of Vodka, Raspberry, Lemon, Cream, Cassis and Strawberry, the cocktail design is inspired by Antonio Valvone, Manchester’s famous creator of the ‘Twist’ ice cream cone.

We had the pleasure of visiting Cloud 23 last month for a one of their delicious afternoon teas. Of course whilst we were there, we had to try a taster of our cocktail! Complete with a delicate dry ice bubble, we can confirm that the ‘Spirit of Manchester’ cocktail is as delicious as it looks.

A great example of brands and businesses working together to support community activity across Greater Manchester, we want to thank Cloud 23 for their fundraising and ongoing support. If you get the chance, pop down (or should that be up?!) to the Hilton for a Forever Manchester cocktail and one of the best panoramic views of the city.

Date added: 10th May 2022