Capoeira Conviver, based in Longsight in Manchester, teaches regular classes at their academy and holds community performances of the Brazillian dance-meets-martial-art: capoeira.

The group aims to teach new skills, promote the connection of community members through getting fit, and improving their self-esteem. Capoeira Conviver includes the whole family, as individuals of all ages take part in getting fit, playing percussion, and learning Portuguese and all about Brazil.

The group have taken part in a number of voluntary family days including local fairs in order to attract people to the art and have participated in volunteer programmes at Christmas time over the years. They also held a successful birthday party for the group where they hosted workshops, baked a birthday cake and ran a special dance class. Members of the community group have been involved in all the activities.

One member of the group said: “I trained in capoeira in the past and was worried about coming back after having a baby. Capoeira Conviver is really family-friendly and so I’m able to bring my two small children when I want to train. The group is really welcoming and the physical exercise has helped me to get back into shape after pregnancy. The kids love the music and taking part, and the Master who runs the classes is a great teacher and knows how to get the children involved. It gets me out of the house and is an important part of my life. We had a Secret Santa at Christmas and the children were thrilled to be involved. Capoeira teaches you so many things including fitness, music, culture and history.”