Brink Productions provide young people in Trafford with the opportunity to take part in creative projects. Brink uses music, performance and multimedia as a method to engage young people and offer them a voice.

Brink work hard to reduce the risk of exclusion by engaging young people proactively in the planning, design and delivery of the sessions according to their needs. The group often work with young people that may be isolated or feel removed from their community, aiming to reduce loneliness through free activities and with free access to learning.

Forever Manchester funding has enabled Brink to run sessions for over 40 vulnerable young women in the Sale Moor area. The young women were supported weekly and discussed issues relevant to them such as sexual health, self-harm, confidence and domestic violence.

Some of the young women who attended have faced violence from local young men. The project aimed to increase the women’s awareness around abuse and exploitation, offering a safe space to explore their issues and encouraging them to report any incidences to police or within school.

The sessions also allowed access to the internet and computers for homework support, CVs and higher education needs. Access to social media reduced isolation as for many of the young women this was a way of communicating with their friends.

The young women attending felt an increase in confidence and communication skills, being better able to express their feelings to the staff as trust developed between them. The involvement of the young women in decision making also helped improve their confidence and self-esteem, giving them some control over their lives.

The project encouraged the group to proactively challenge and address inequalities that exist within society.

Speaking of the project, Director Lisa Ellis said: “Overall the funding enabled Brink to increase confidence, build trust, offer support and enable the young women of the area the opportunity to share their experiences and concerns in a safe environment.”