Will luck be in your corner when you sign up to BEE PHENOMENAL White Collar Boxing? We’re delighted to be the chosen charity for Red Star Boxing’s event at Victoria Warehouse on Saturday 11th November.

Fancy challenging yourself for charity? Eight weeks free training with professional coaches and athletes? Access to state-of-the-art facilities used by Team GB? On Saturday 11th November, Red Star Boxing presents BEE PHENOMENAL White Collar Boxing, where more than 50 fighters will be able to test their strength and determination in the ring.

There will be a registration day on Wednesday 13th September at Manchester’s Institution of Health and Performance where you will find out details of the training camp and the event itself. Roll with the punches and get involved – but first, a bit more information about what you get…

You will have access to a completely free training camp that will commence on Tuesday 19th September. The training will take eight weeks, three times a week, and will be hosted by Northside Boxing Gym – not far from Manchester City Football stadium. At around the midway point you’ll find out who you’re up against on fight night, based on height, weight and ability.

The fight itself will consist of three two-minute rounds, all support systems are provided throughout the training and the fight. The event will start at 6pm and the fights will have finished by 10pm, followed by an afterparty for all participants, friends, family and spectators.

All you need to do in return is fundraise via the Red Star Boxing JustGiving page, where you can track your individual target and encourage your friends, family and colleagues to buy tickets and support you on the evening. As part of the package for taking part you’ll be announced on social media alongside your company as a fighter, and we’ll shout about your fundraising efforts up until fight night. It’s going to be one heck of a show!

So, will you be able to rope-a-dope your opponent, bob and weave to victory? You won’t know unless you sign up and get involved. Don’t worry about leading with your chin, you have every chance of winning and being the BEE PHENOMENAL boxing champ of 2017!