We’d like to say a big welcome to our new Forever Manchester ambassadors.

Forever Manchester’s Ambassadors is a group of committed volunteers who work with the charity to fundraise, build our profile, and make introductions. They share our passion for Greater Manchester and give their time voluntarily, finding space in their busy lives to give something back.

Over the last 10 years more than 100 people have served as Ambassadors raising almost £1 million for Forever Manchester to fund and support community activity across Greater Manchester.

We’re thrilled to welcome four new ambassadors to the Forever Manchester family and we’re looking forward to working with them throughout the year.

Adrian Bentley

Hailing from Higher Blackley, Adrian Bentley is a Brand Consultant for Just Good Ideas, who says that Manchester is in his DNA.

When asked to tell us something he loves about Manchester, Adrian said:

“I love almost everything about this brilliant city. Like a giant magnet, it keeps pulling me in. A force that’s never weakened. I love its size, its smells, its tastes, its architecture, its music, its scene, its accent. But most of all I love its people. My kind of people”

Sandra Hill

Sandra Hill is the Managing Director of The Hill Group which is a headhunting business she started over 25 years ago, coaching companies to hire the right candidate for the job.

Raised in Newcastle upon Tyne, Sandra moved to Manchester several decades ago after falling in love with the city.

When her friends come to town she loves showing them around Manchester and thinks it’s really important to ensure all of her visitors get to know the beating heart of our brilliant city and its diverse culture.

Sam Whitear

Sam Whitear is the Creative Industries Programme Manager for GC Business Growth Hub.

Born in Preston, Sam has been actively working and collaborating in the Greater Manchester region for circa 7 years.

When asked what he loves about Manchester, Sam said:

“The diversity, community, and the amount of opportunities it has to offer for both professional and personal lives. I love the restaurants and exploring new places to go”.

Andy Morrell

Having grown up in Stockport, Andy Morrell is the CEO of Oscar, an international recruitment company who have been long-term business supporters of Forever Manchester.

When we asked Andy what he loves about the city, he said:

“The city is vibrant, accepting, diverse, and what I’ve found is that there’s strong pride amongst Mancunians both born and adopted; and even competitors support each other”.

Having been a supporter through Oscar for quite a few years, Andy is excited to see what he can do as an individual to support Forever Manchester even more.

Anyone interested in putting themselves forward to become a Forever Manchester Ambassador should email Emma James on emmaj@forevermanchester.com.

Date added: 20th July 2021