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Connecting Communities

Forever Manchester Halloween Pop Ups 2023

Here at Forever Manchester we love anything that brings people together, so this Halloween our Community Builders seized the opportunity to encourage the community of Lancashire Hill in Stockport to connect with their neighbours and have some spooky fun!

Frightfully Delightful

Forever Manchester’s Halloween Scavenger Hunts left our community builders spellbound as the best outdoor events since that spooky lockdown...

Spreading Summer Cheer and Happiness

Throughout July and August, Forever Manchester’s Community Builders took their 2021 Summer Roadshow into the local communities of Manchester.

Sowing the Seeds of Love

Forever Manchester's Community Builders have been out and about re-enagaging with local people in communities they support helping...

Community Building at Christmas

Seventeen families from across Greater Manchester joined our Community Builders for a virtual Christmas gathering, to engage with us...

Fancy Windows, Grotto’s and Parties

Forever Manchester’s Connecting Communities at Christmas Awards helped out with Lovely Trees and Festive Window Treats in neighbourhoods across...

Festive Trails and Walks

Forever Manchester’s Connecting Communities at Christmas Awards helped provide a host of outdoor activities to keep Christmas Spirits up.

The Power of Community

Long Read: Community brings people together with shared passions and with friendship and proves to us that we really...

How Our Communities Are Coping

Many community groups are ideally placed to adapt quickly and respond to change by delivering completely new projects and...

Happiness For All, Together.

#InternationalDayOfHappiness. As we face a global crisis together, let’s find positive ways to look after each other.

Making People Happy in Eccles

Forever Manchester recently hosted a community celebration event in Eccles to recognise the many friends we have made and...

For Christmas Get Togethers

Forever Manchester is delighted to announce that we have been able to support 201 Christmas Get Together’s over the...
  • About Forever Manchester

    About Forever Manchester

    Forever Manchester is the only charity that raises money to fund and support community activity across Greater Manchester. We believe that connected communities make stronger, happier communities.
  • This is The Place

    This is The Place

    This is the Place. Listen, watch and read the full story behind the poem, written by Tony Walsh for Forever Manchester charity.
  • Forever Manchester’s Approach To Working With Local Communities.

    Forever Manchester’s Approach To Working With Local Communities.

    Forever Manchester cares about those people who care enough to act. We champion local people doing extraordinary things to make our communities thrive.