Frequently asked questions (FAQs) provide further information about our funding programmes, who can apply and the application process.

We encourage prospective applicants to read all criteria carefully and contact us if you encounter any problems or need further support, please contact our Awards Team on 0161 214 0940 or email

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Section 1: Is my group eligible?

What types of groups does Forever Manchester fund?

Forever Manchester fund not-for-profit community groups. These groups can be constituted community groups, Community Interest Companies, Charities or Companies limited by Guarantee. Groups must also be locally led, meaning they are managed by people who live in the area where activities take place.

What areas of Greater Manchester do you fund?

We fund groups who are based in any of the ten boroughs of Greater Manchester. These ten boroughs are:


Some funding programmes may be limited to applicants from specific parts of Greater Manchester and this will be specified in the programme guidance

What type of management committee/board of trustees should we have?

We would expect the majority of the management committee/board of trustees to live in the area where the activity is taking place. The management committee/board of trustees must be made up of at least three unrelated people and have a minimum of two unrelated bank signatories who don’t live at the same address.

I am an individual- can I apply?

Unfortunately, individuals are not usually eligible for our funding programmes.

We aren’t a registered charity, can we apply?

Yes you can! You do not need to be a registered charity to apply for our funding. Please see above for the types of groups we can fund.

We haven’t got a bank account or documents, once we know we can get funds we will get these in place, can we apply?

Unfortunately not, your documents form part of the assessment process and without these we cannot determine if your group is eligible for our funding. These documents must be in place prior to applying and be attached to your application.

Here is the guidance For Supporting Information.

Our project will take place in schools. Are we eligible?

We do not fund activity taking place within school hours or any school-based activities which should be covered by statutory provision. We can fund activity based at a school, but which takes place outside of school hours and is open to the wider community.

Are there things you don’t fund?

Yes, there are a few things we can’t fund. This includes:

  • Activities that have already taken place or been paid for
  • Contributions to major appeals
  • Contributions to salaries
  • Activities promoting political or religious beliefs
  • Activity which should be provided by statutory services (schools, NHS for example)
  • Redistribution of funding
  • Organisations or projects trading for profit (not reinvested in the community)
  • Major capital requests, i.e. building and construction work

If you’re not sure about anything, please get in touch.

What funds do you currently have open?

All of our funds are listed on our Funding and Support page. Here you will see which funds are open right now, view the fund criteria and access the online application form.

Section 2: Application Process

How do we apply?

Groups can apply via an online application form which can be found at the bottom of each individual funding programme page. Here you can review the criteria, save your progress and also attach your group’s supporting documents. If you have problems accessing or completing forms online please get in touch.

I need help with my application, who do I contact?

If you need support completing the form or have questions about a fund or whether you are eligible, please email or call 0161 214 0940.

What evidence do we need to submit with the application?

Alongside your application, there are documents you need to submit and certain things we need to see. These include your governing document, management committee details, safeguarding policies (if applicable) and accounts. A document explaining the full information can be found here. Sometimes you may be asked for more information to help create a full picture of your group and the activities you provide.

Online form issues: I cannot access the online application form, can I still apply?

If you are having trouble completing the form or there is an error when filling in your details or submitting your application, please send an email to with your name and the group name, explaining the problem and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Will I be notified even if I have not been successful with my application?

Yes, all applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application. Timeframes and closing dates can be found on the funding programme page.

How long will it take to receive a decision?

It takes about 3 months, but it really varies from fund to fund, so it’s worth having a proper read of the specific funding page. We always make sure to include information on timeframes and closing dates.

Section 3: Feedback & Re-applying for funding

Can we apply for more than one award from Forever Manchester?

Groups can receive one award from any Forever Manchester funding Programme at a time. Once a funded project is finished, feedback must be submitted and reviewed as satisfactory before a group can receive further funding.

It is possible that an applicant may receive an award from more than one Programme, however applicants cannot reapply to the same programme within a 12-month period or apply to more than one programme for the same activity.

Multiple applications are subject to fulfilment of monitoring, if you are currently in receipt of funding from us and are unsure if you can apply for further funds, please contact us before starting a new application form.

For advice on which funding you can access, please contact the Awards Team at or 0161 214 0940.

We were unsuccessful with our last application, can we re-apply?

Absolutely! Take note of any suggestions from us why it might have been unsuccessful initially, and make sure to check the criteria for the fund you’re applying to. If you’re in any doubt, please give us a call to discuss.

When are we expected to submit Feedback?

Subject to the purpose of the award, we would expect this to be approximately 12 months after receiving the funding, to ensure the funding has been spent and to see the positive impact it has had on the group.

How do we complete our group’s Feedback?

We will automatically send you a link to the feedback form approximately 12 months after receiving your award, or sooner if the funding programme requires it. If for some reason you haven’t received this or wish to complete the form sooner, please let us know and we’ll send it again. It’s straightforward, easy to complete and nothing to worry about, but please get in touch with us if you’re getting stuck, so we can help talk you through anything you might need help with.

Section 4: Helpful links

Funding and Support Page

Full Awards Process

Contact Us

Date added: 1st February 2022