What happens after an application is submitted?

Forever Manchester employ a team of experienced and dedicated people who read and assess each application. All applications submitted to any of our open Forever Manchester funding programmes follow the same core process.

To be considered for funding, all applications must match the relevant programme criteria at the time the application is submitted and the applicant organisation must also have submitted all appropriate documentation which evidences that they have robust governance, accounting and safeguarding policies in place. Some programmes may have additional requirements which will be outlined in the published criteria. Any assessed applications that do not meet these requirements will not be a priority for funding.

Applications assessed as meeting the programme requirements will be submitted to the relevant decision-making mechanism. This is usually a funding panel but it may also be an individual donor or other process as appropriate.

All our funding programmes are frequently over-subscribed and as such funds are limited, so please note that although your application may meet the programme requirements as outlined, it does not mean it will be funded. Finally, all funding programme decisions are subject to ratification by our Board of Trustees.

We encourage applicants to contact us at any stage prior to submitting an application to ensure that they have the best chance of success.

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Awards Process: 2020/21