Our Space is a Wythenshawe-based youth group for children and young people aged 5 to 16 with Special Educational Needs.

Named by their group members, they run weekly sessions during term-time, bringing children and families together to have fun and make friends. A safe and inclusive space, the group caters for children who may have different requirements and struggle to fit into mainstream social spaces which can often appear overwhelming to special educational needs children.

The group have outings during the school holidays, presenting new experiences for the children in a way that they can benefit the most from. For example, last year the group hosted a Christmas grotto where members could meet Santa Claus in a calm and quiet space – without any of the sensory overload or accessibility issues that could be present at a regular Christmas event.

Our Space provides the opportunity for children to be themselves, without feeling the pressure to mask any neurodivergent behaviour (a common trait amongst SEN people) and socialise with other members of the youth group. It also provides the opportunity for parents to chat to other parents who can relate to the needs of their children, sharing experiences and knowledge. Living with special educational needs can often be very isolating and lonely for both the child and the carer, so Our Space makes a huge difference in the well-being of local families who benefit from the service.

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Date added: 3rd November 2023