As Mother’s Day approaches, we’re reminded of the profound impact mothers have on our lives. And, from the heart of our community, here’s an inspiring story about a group of mums that proves the old saying true: “Life doesn’t come with a manual; it comes with a mother.”

Tea and Solidarity

The idea for Mum’s Mart began after a local mum broke down in the school playground one day; worn down from the stress of living on a low income as a single parent. She had no money, mounting debts, her kids were being bullied and the only adult conversations she had were at the school gates.

A compassionate fellow parent reached out and suggested having a brew with other local Mums and while chatting, it became clear that many people were struggling with the same issues. An idea was hatched to bring local families together for evening meals at the local church hall providing not just a social outlet but valuable advice and support for each other.

From Dreams to Action

Next came the idea of markets to raise money to take families away on trips and a savings scheme, inspired by an international social movement called Shack/Slum Dwellers International.

Sharon Davies, the Founder of Mum’s Mart said “We believe all children should have the opportunity to have fun, unfortunately we live in a society where things aren’t always that affordable and life doesn’t come cheap”.

Today, Mum’s Mart is more than a community hub. It’s a catalyst for change. Now alongside running the savings scheme and the monthly markets, Mums Mart are working with residents to co-finance the renovation of an old caretaker’s apartment into a women-friendly free meeting and advice space. They are also launching a new food membership club and bringing residents of Sharston together to identify shared priorities, strengthening their bonds and their community.

Listen to Their Journey

For a deeper dive into this inspirational story, tune in to Episode 12 of our Forever Mancunians Podcast series. Discover how Mum’s Mart turned brews into dreams, proving that compassion, resilience, and community can transform lives.