Headspace Bolton is an innovative arts organisation, run by and for people with lived experience of mental health issues and neurodiversity. They run creative workshops led by group members and professional artists practicing in their fields.

Established over a decade ago, they look to break the stigma surrounding mental health issues and neurodiverse personalities. Whilst they don’t focus solely on these topics, they often use them as inspiration for creativity, recognising that mental health is a part of everyone.

Supporting people of all ages, they offer free to attend workshops. These cover a range of creative outlets, such as improv comedy, film making, spoken word, photography, and music. With opportunities throughout the year to showcase to a live audience.

Using creativity to change narratives and promote positive change, members of the group can freely express their individuality and utilise their skills by focusing on personal, social and professional achievements – areas that their mental health issues may have previously dominated.

Headspace Bolton are really proud to be driving the change around mental health, promoting open and honest discussions amongst group members, creating conversations through their performances and helping their audiences and peers feel proud and empowered.

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Date added: 3rd December 2023