Hats and Paint (Period Portraits) is a social art group where strangers can get together over art, music, and food, leaving at the end of the evening as friends.

What started as one person wanting to meet people in their community through a shared loved of art, has now developed into a social group of residents from across Manchester city centre of all ages and backgrounds. The group get together to take part in creative workshops such as painting, life drawing and performances. Materials are provided and members are encouraged to share their own knowledge and skills with the group. Conversation, food and music revolves around a different theme each time, showcasing the multicultural environment that the group sits within. The exchanging of ideas from group members leads to further creative expression and the chance to learn something new.

The group provides a warm and welcoming space for people from different walks of life to communicate, helping to prevent the feeling of isolation that is often found amongst individuals living in big cities. Recently they also held a clothes swap which was the result of an organic conversation surrounding body dysmorphia. A perfect example of how socialising over a shared activity can lead to important and meaningful conversation, helping members to connect emotionally and look to each other for support.

With a unique combination of ‘art, music, science (and a good time)’, Hats and Paint (Period Portraits) is a blossoming creative community.

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Date added: 3rd November 2023