Gorton Visual Arts provide opportunities for older people and people with learning difficulties or mental health issues to gain new skills and work alongside professional artists on various arts projects.

Focusing on those who are traditionally at the most risk of isolation within communities, the group encourages a wide diversity of practices and inter-generational activities to embrace inclusion, social cohesion and self-worth.

As a community-focused arts facility, the group has been active within the Gorton community for over sixteen years, exploring and sharing new ways of working together. Members are able to gain new skills, learn new things and build new social relationships with fellow members of their community. These opportunities lead to increased confidence and skills development from local residents, as they work on projects that create a real sense of ownership within the group.

Gorton Visual Arts believes that everyone has creativity within them, they just need the opportunity to show it. They want to make art a part of the lives of as many people in Gorton as they can, and hope to break down many of the typical art world barriers, making the format accessible to all who are interested.

They host their own exhibitions every two months which highlight the work created and allows members of the public to purchase the art. By creating a sense of belonging, members are encouraged to express themselves and create honest work, therefore connecting with others in the local community and in turn benefiting from feeling a part of something special.

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Date added: 3rd November 2023