This is the place, where, every day, week in and week out, using donations and fundraising from our supporters, Forever Manchester can support local grassroot community projects with funding, support and advice.

These are their stories.

Forgotten Souls

Based in Salford, Dancing With Dementia is a haven for those touched by memory loss providing a place where people with dementia, their families and carers can come together for social activities.

Guest, Irene told us that being involved has been brilliant for her; bringing so much friendship and joy and the feeling of being part of a community. ‘ It was great to have friendly faces to look forward to seeing and have someone to talk to face to face. Makes you feel part of the community and not a forgotten soul’.

Among the many other  guests who attend the social afternoons, were Donald and his wife Muriel. They always really enjoyed their time and really looked forward to coming along. Unfortunately, Muriel passed away leaving Donald alone without the love of his life. Looking after his wife had been a 24/7 job of caring and loving a person living with dementia. Donald was at a loss as to what to do. Eventually, he was persuaded to come back to the weekly socials, and although at first, he found it quite distressing, the organisers soon decided to make Donald a ‘Meet and Greet Volunteer’. This really made a difference to him giving him a new a purpose in his life. His vital experience of loving and caring for a loved one living with dementia gave him the experience and the empathy to share with the other guests and he is now a vital help at the events; his gentle, caring customer service skills are second to none!

Dancing with Dementia look after over 300  local people every week. A grant from Forever Manchester helps groups like this survive

Forever Manchester can’t eliminate or cure dementia, but we do support the work of  local groups dedicated to helping those most affected by this awful disease.

Last year in partnership with our supporters, we collectively supported over 25 groups in Greater Manchester, dedicated to making life that little bit better for families living with dementia