While the recent news article on Lancashire Hill sheds light on valid concerns and ongoing challenges, it often falls into the trap of focusing solely on the negative.

Whilst not denying the very real experiences of the residents, this approach risks perpetuating a one-sided narrative and overlooking the inherent strengths and potential of the community.

Instead of dwelling solely on problems, let’s explore how the ABCD method can be used to empower Lancashire Hill residents and tell a different story:

Asset Based Community Development is an approach and way of working with communities that focuses on discovering and connecting the rich pool of talents and assets in a community to make positive and sustainable community change. This focuses on strengths that already exist within the community, and can encourage communities to engage a more positive outlook to break the cycle of negativity.

1. Recognising the Assets: The article mentions a resident who has lived in Lancashire Hill for their entire life and feels a strong connection to the area. Others express a desire for improvement and community spirit. These are all valuable assets that can be built upon and already exist within the community.

2. Building Connections: Community meetings and events can foster connections and collaboration among residents. This can lead to the formation of resident-led groups to organise positive initiatives that bring people together.

3. Capacity Building: By fostering awareness and appreciation for individual and collective strengths – skills, passions, talents, and assets – the community will build resilience and recognise their existing capacity to thrive.

4. Developing Dialogue: By implementing the ABCD method, we can shift the narrative from one of problems to one of potential and empowerment. This approach focuses on building upon existing strengths, fostering collaboration, and equipping residents with the skills and knowledge to make a positive difference in their community.

Forever Manchester is already actively working in Lancashire Hill, aiming to bring local people together and create a positive impact: https://lnkd.in/e9jz9GAJ

We’ve had an incredibly warm welcome from the people of Lancashire Hill. We’ve found nothing but passion, community, friendship and true empathy for each other.

Let’s move beyond negative headlines and work together to create a more positive and people-powered story for Lancashire Hill.